Social media design for Ayol Sevgi project by Qizlar feminist creative community.

Ayol Sevgi is media which highlights creative women in Uzbekistan and tells their stories. The main theme of project is making women visible in Uzbek digital information flow. Articles are written in Uzbek and Russian languages.

Qizlar is feminist creative community in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It makes and organizes media, exhibitions, podcast, talking meetings about feminism and women rights in Uzbekistan. Community collaborates with another feminist communities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia as Ayt Community, Sarpa Media, NeMolchi, FemAgora, etc.

Project management, text: Anastasiya Sever
Translation, text: Mutabar Hushvaktova, Diyora Tukhtamuratova
Photography: Sofia Seitkhalil
Design and illustration: Yulia Saatova, Alina Olimova

©Yulia Saatova, 2023