©Yulia Saatova, 2023

A little editorial design for Өмә. This brochure contains information about exhibition and art-works. It was made in two variations: English and German.

Өмә (Bashqort for “collective self-help practices”) is an exhibition and public program concerned with racism, identity, and imperialism in today’s russia and the former USSR, both in its hegemonic self-image and in the West. Through various commissions created by members of indigenous communities and people from colonised territories, as well as artists with multi-ethnic and migrant identities, the project aims to become a platform for examining russian colonialism and anticolonial resistance.

This case is important for me not only as a graphic/brand designer but also as decolonial activist.

Exhibition was coordinated and organized by Fata Collective and Feminist Translocalities.

A project of nGbK in cooperation with Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien.

10k+ people visited Өмә exhibition for the entire time.

Photo: Sofia Seitkhalil and Fata Collective.